Wednesday, April 9, 2008

an interesting tale of arts collaboration

There's a lesson in loss and it may just be that all loss has a purpose. We were very disappointed to learn we lost a much loved public arts project bid for which we had expended a tremendous amount of research and legwork. Our intuitive reaction, that the organizers wanted permanent sculptures and local townspeople to construct them, proved dead on correct when the final results were published.

Not unexpectedly though was the fact that the finalists for this particular competition were all extremely insightful, talented individuals with unique ideas, and giving of their time and efforts. We were well pleased to be in such great company. So it turns out that one of our top competitors, a woman I can only describe as literally having had thought about every single available facet of her proposal, also lost.

You know when you hear a competitor's proposal and you're thinking to yourself, GULP? We couldn't understand how her idea could be passed by. Well, where the door was closed, the window opened. This woman (an events coordinator) and her truly fantastic public art festival not only secured an alternate site for her event, but graciously invited us to bring our loved luminaria proposal along with her.

That's collaboration at its best, and the winner in this case will be the families who attend our breathtaking evening event in July. Stay tuned for more about Starry Teller Festival and our Luminaria highlights.