Monday, July 14, 2008

go green with wolf trap and the arts

Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory joined an impressive list of on-line conference attendees at today's Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts National Summit on the Arts & Environment. The summit is supported by Americans for the Arts, Reverb, The Aspen Institute, and Booz Allen Hamilton. The goals are to examine the intersection of the arts, environmental advocacy, media, and business. More than 60 additional arts and civic institutions participated in the event.

mangrove in sarasota

Each month, Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory will be featuring highlights of photographic art by Lauren Turnbull of Brooklyn, NY. This month's digital image is Mangrove in Sarasota. Lauren Turnbull is currently a student at Pratt Institute. Her work spans nature photography, photographic editorials, and creative portraiture. Contact us for availability or for more information.

artist works with washington dc arts advisory on new york city call submission

The Washington DC based Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory recently helped coordinate the successful placement of oil painter Judith Peck's work within a New York City gallery in Chelsea. Judith wrote, "I want to thank you for your suggestion to enter my work in the show; they have included one piece of my work in the upcoming show."

Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory concurrently presented a proposal to Ms. Peck which included ideas for artist marketing strategies and arts business navigation in an effort to help the artist re-position her works in new themes.

Judith Peck has been exhibiting her work since 1981 and holds a BA from George Washington University in Fine Art - Painting. Featured: Judith Peck, Butterfly Effect, oil on board, 12 x 12

Friday, July 11, 2008

Art 21: Online Arts Education Modules

Art in the 21st Century was a recent PBS series highlighting artists' process and purpose. Not only did it receive high acclaim while it was airing, but the series won numerous awards and praiseworthy reviews. Some of the best things to come out of the series are the substantial on-line arts education materials. According to the website, they were "... developed to familiarize teachers and students with the work of living artists, to provoke critical thinking and problem solving, to present creative role models, to bridge diverse subject areas, and to inspire new ways of teaching and learning through the study and appreciation of contemporary art."

The online library offers thematic and comparative cross-sections of intricate subject matters expressed through art - such as war and peace or home and displacement. One theme exploring likeness, self, and identity is explored and shared through students' works. In-depth art and culture teaching materials from each season are also available. The well-constructed site offers artist's slide shows, videos, and blog. If you're teaching this summer, or even gearing up for fall, be sure to visit Art:21.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

AIA Design DC 2008 -

Alex attended the AIA's Design DC 2008 Expo this morning and carried out a ton of great green renewal materials. Some highlights include: Sustainability by Design, where we are all learning to share the environment through LEED, Energy Star, and other business development incentives; RICCA Newmark Design had a beautifully executed brochure; DrawGate, Inc. (out of Burke, VA) exhibited 3D architectural rendering and animation solutions; Traco (out of Cranberry Township, PA) demonstrated windows and doors that greet the world; and Sky Factory's windows showed their beautiful, relaxing, and memorable transformational illusions of nature.

Some of today's AIA Continuing Education sessions included Smart Design; Sustainable Practice for Preservation; Re-skinning a fully-occupied office building; and Working with the Media. Of interest also was Potomac Valley Brick's photo and literature CDs - aptly expressing how PVC, built on a foundation of service, supports your vision and design. We'll be reviewing The Architect's Newspaper in full detail to continue to look for opportunities in bringing some of the best of design concepts to all artists.

Art Studio Design by Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory

Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory is pleased to announce a new branch of design and organization services for artists. The artist's creative soul is manifested in personalized studios, creative spaces, unique storage solutions, and organized spaces for supplies. Shauna Lee Lange brings her analytical eye and her imaginative toolbox to artists who need to re-invent studio spaces. A recent survey reflected that over 66% of artists spend at least 1 - 4 hours a day in their studio. If you are an artist who needs help converting your existing space to a studio vignette, our combined architectural and organizational experience can help you. Artists' studios can range from dedicated stand-alone structures, or corners carved out for creativity. Your studio must be a place where function meets form and style. See how our affordable services can boost your art marketability today.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

graph series

I've been doodling with graph paper and exploring a bit with color combinations. Here two recent finished products from the graph series.