Sunday, June 17, 2007

Going Out of Business Auction @ Featherstone Square Antique Mall & Collectibles

The good folks over at Featherstone Square Antique Mall & Collectibles in Woodbridge, VA really had their work cut out for them last night as they tried to liquidate the last of remaining items prior to finally closing their doors and going out of business. The auction, which started promptly at 2:00 p.m., ran first through showcases and dealer displays (many selling for $5.00 or less), then box lots (selling for $2.00 or less), and individual items (selling for well under $100.00) well past 9:00 p.m.

Approximately 100 people attended the organized event, coaxed to stay not so much by the quality of items being sold as the sheer variety. Furniture, textiles, farm tools, framed works, general household goods, crystal, and china were some of the more frequently seen items. Two 1800's plates were passed with no bid, while a three-tiered plastic monkey toilet paper holder with a faux-plunger for a hat sold for over $30.00! Several items did not meet reserve and were also passed. The auction was orderly, and the tag-team approach of David and Ron as auctioneers really seemed to help keep the audience alive. Thanks also to Featherstone for free hot dogs, chips, and sodas, plentiful fans to help keep the place cool, and auxiliary auction help to facilitate the speed.

The Woodbridge Featherstone gallery has been in operation for well over three years, it was a bit sad to walk through and see, once again, a good thing falling into the abyss. Although many dealers appear to be relocating to smaller antique malls, surely some will fold altogether. Generating much conjecture and discussion was the sale of two encased accordions, one full size. David said, "Take it over the pawn shop so you can get $100 each for it." A collector bought them for $50.00 each and will surely reap a long term benefit either way.