Friday, June 15, 2007

Household Organizing by Plow & Hearth

June is graduation season, and we were recently invited to the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountain area of Virginia to celebrate a friend's completion of high school! While there, we visited Plow & Hearth in Madison, Virginia. Checking out the website a few days later, they have an excellent article on household organizing which anyone who is contemplating getting ready for an estate sale should read.

Although Plow & Hearth is primarily invested in selling outdoor living, and yard and garden materials, their advice to review, reduce, reorganize, and replace household items is definitely sound. Remember, a competent and recognized full service estate firm such as Lange Estate Sales will do most of these functions for you when planning a large scale commercial or residential estate liquidation sale. However, it's also true that many homeowners have sentimental attachments to items and they prefer to do the initial purging alone.

Much of estate sales planning is aligned with the functions of a professional organizer - where the estate sales firm sorts and groups like items, cleans and prepares items for sale, tags items for competitive pricing, and even inventories items for estate distribution or for donation to non-profits. Whether you decide to do some preliminary household organizing yourself or if you hire your estate sales agent to do all the work for you, the steps in this article can often help answer questions about whether to include certain items in a sale. Take your time ... clearing, cleaning, selling, and regrouping ones life can be a daunting, yet highly enjoyable and financially rewarding experience.