Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jackie Hoysted: Psychology of Smoking & Quitting Project


Jackie Hoysted (http://www.jackiehoysted.com/) is a Maryland artist exploring the psychology of smoking and quitting. She smoked for over 20 years and has been smoke-free since July 9, 2007. Her blog at (http://jackiehoysted.com/ashestoashes/) posts her smoking related art and writings on how her "quit" is going.

In an effort to chronicle her journey, Hoysted began an art project designed to enlist others in the shared experience of "the last cigarette." She sent a call to the public. Smokers could participate in the project by mailing their Last Cigarettes along with their plan to quit. She hoped to immortalize the effort in a work of art.

For example, Jackie recently completed an image entitled Destruction. It is a collage of burnt watercolor paper soaked in cigarette butts and sprayed with nicotine “dye” (i.e. cigarette butts soaked in water over a few weeks). She had planned to continue i,n this vein for a while - as she found it both therapeutic and disgusting. Jackie is currently exhibiting at: 9x10 WPA/C Member Show, William Parker Gallery, DC, Aug 17 - Sep 15; and DCAC Wall Mountables, Washington DC., July - Sept. 2007.

What happened though, was that Hoysted found it very difficult to get "last cigarettes" because smokers find it too hard to part with them even when they have made the commitment to stop smoking. She's resigned herself to the probability that it would be easier to get cigarettes of people who are not trying to stop.

Hoysted's exhibits earlier this year included: Delaplaine Arts Center, Frederick, Regional juried show, June 2-July 22; Glenview Mansion, Rockville Art League juried show, May 6-28, 2007; Corcoran College of Art & Design, Washington DC., May 9-27, 2007; Artomatic 2007, 2121 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA April - May 20; and a solo show, Gaithersburg City Hall, MD, juried. Feb/Mar - 2007.

If you can't part with your pack, send a postcard or photos with your thoughts/story on smoking; Jackie will endeavor to include them all in a handmade book. For details go to: http://jackiehoysted.com/ashestoashes/archives/category/artproject/.