Thursday, August 30, 2007

Baltimore Antique Show - Opening Day

Today was opening day at the Baltimore Antique Show which runs through the weekend. The Convention Center is again hosting a gaggle of galleries and dealers; noticeably this year are several from London. This is my third year attending the show. I found the line at the door much shorter, the food service slightly improved, and the air conditioning more manageable.

Other than some stunning very large floor mirrors, a $60,000 fun antique casino-type gaming piece, and remarkably breath-taking silver, the show is sadly predictable. Oh you'll find your antiquarian books, your jewelry galore, and your historic pieces (be sure to check out the gun canes and the chandeliers) ... but if you've been attending these shows as I have, it all becomes standard fare (except perhaps for the lovely display by New York's China Gallery or the ancient wood block reliefs also from China.)

Standard fare too are the often highly marked up prices. I saw a piece earlier this year at the Big DC Flea Market with today's tag more than triple the asking price - so shop around! The range of art is a bit impressive, however I'm talking about the artistry in apparel of the wanna-be-wealthy-posers. Pink Ralph Lauren pants and black leather dress shoes sported by a very tan romance novel hero were outdone only by the tall blonde Barbie with the brown bareback cocktail dress. Excuse me, I didn't know we were having drinks on Thursday at noon. Ahem. Bring comfortable shoes; the concrete floor is brutal. And carry lots of dough; my parking, entrance fee, and lunch alone killed a $50.