Thursday, July 10, 2008

AIA Design DC 2008 -

Alex attended the AIA's Design DC 2008 Expo this morning and carried out a ton of great green renewal materials. Some highlights include: Sustainability by Design, where we are all learning to share the environment through LEED, Energy Star, and other business development incentives; RICCA Newmark Design had a beautifully executed brochure; DrawGate, Inc. (out of Burke, VA) exhibited 3D architectural rendering and animation solutions; Traco (out of Cranberry Township, PA) demonstrated windows and doors that greet the world; and Sky Factory's windows showed their beautiful, relaxing, and memorable transformational illusions of nature.

Some of today's AIA Continuing Education sessions included Smart Design; Sustainable Practice for Preservation; Re-skinning a fully-occupied office building; and Working with the Media. Of interest also was Potomac Valley Brick's photo and literature CDs - aptly expressing how PVC, built on a foundation of service, supports your vision and design. We'll be reviewing The Architect's Newspaper in full detail to continue to look for opportunities in bringing some of the best of design concepts to all artists.