Friday, July 11, 2008

Art 21: Online Arts Education Modules

Art in the 21st Century was a recent PBS series highlighting artists' process and purpose. Not only did it receive high acclaim while it was airing, but the series won numerous awards and praiseworthy reviews. Some of the best things to come out of the series are the substantial on-line arts education materials. According to the website, they were "... developed to familiarize teachers and students with the work of living artists, to provoke critical thinking and problem solving, to present creative role models, to bridge diverse subject areas, and to inspire new ways of teaching and learning through the study and appreciation of contemporary art."

The online library offers thematic and comparative cross-sections of intricate subject matters expressed through art - such as war and peace or home and displacement. One theme exploring likeness, self, and identity is explored and shared through students' works. In-depth art and culture teaching materials from each season are also available. The well-constructed site offers artist's slide shows, videos, and blog. If you're teaching this summer, or even gearing up for fall, be sure to visit Art:21.