Wednesday, October 8, 2008

cassandra barney's the incumbent: loving and growing strong

The Incumbent by Cassandra Barney. Don’t pick it up, and don’t put it down. - African Proverb.

“I once saw an interview with Maya Angelou,” says artist Cassandra Barney, “in which she talked about praise and criticism. She said that if you keep to yourself—here symbolized by the figure’s hands folded in her lap—then the harsh words of others won’t bring you down and their flattery won’t over-inflate your ego. This regal woman understands the importance of community and family, but she knows, too, that in the end you must believe in yourself and be able stand on your own two feet. It is her inner strength that gives her such beauty.”The popularity of Cassandra Barney’s elegant portraits has gained momentum over the last few years, from gallery walls to the Internet. “Thanks for making my heart happy with your art,” wrote one recent visitor to Barney’s weblog. This is essential art for a new generation—loving, growing and strong.

Text and Image courtesy of: Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas:limited to 100 s/n. 12"w x 18"h. $395Ask About Availability