Friday, May 16, 2008

Beautiful Stationery Papers for Artists

Artists of all genres often seek beautiful and high-quality papers to use in testing tints, application techinques, artists business cards, price tags, and other arts needs. Breathtakingly beautiful stationery, stickers, stamps, notecards, and frames are available through Cavallini & Co. (photo credit above features Cavallini's Bird Gift Tag line). I

In our view, Cavallini's cornered the market on color, style, and design. Many of their products are sold through sites like Anthropologie and the Library of Congress. Other highly notable luxury paper companies are: Crane & Co.; Vera Wang Papers (gorgeous wedding invitations); Anna Griffin (we love their stamp ink); Mrs. John L. Strong; The Wren Press; Smythson; and every writer's standby - Moleskin.