Wednesday, May 14, 2008

danielle muller - the vintage dragonfly

I first saw Danielle Muller's work in Somerset Studio's Dragonfly Jar series. Her art is cutting edge in the field of romantic ephemera, mixed media, and collage works because of its ingenuity and ability to re-invent antique vintage ideals. Muller's creations and "The Vintage Dragonfly" website are a quiet and sweet compilation of birds, seaside life, nesting, and muted vintage images from her collage art, collaborations, and art swaps. Danielle's also incorporated the new Internet art trend of including instrumental, peaceful, and unique musical composition arrangements on her website; thereby marrying sight and sound for an end-user experience.

Dragonfly art, especially art encompassing nature and all its elements, is hot, hot, hot. Match it up with some poetry or individual words or musical scores as background motifs and you nearly have a sure seller for craft fairs and festivals. Although the work has to "speak" and have its own "voice" - the right combination of muted tints, fabrics, and interesting little odds and ends will help the artist create a solid market presence. Dragonfly addicts will love these sites:; The Nature Store; and What we love is Muller's commitment to sharing works of other like-minded artists with visitors to her site - that's a true cool art trend we hope continues for decades.