Friday, May 16, 2008

Residential & Commercial Mosaic Art Trends

Our friends at Mixed-Up Mosaics show off some of their recent commercial and residential artistry in this month's newsletter. Strong color blocking, defined edging, experimentation with new tile shaping, and glass pattern variations all result in vibrant, timeless, and energetic options for interior form and function. Just imagine image 4 above as the floor of a swimming pool with sparkling sunbeams on the water's surface - just refreshingly brilliant!

As you may know, we recently gave Mixed-Up Mosaics our thumbs up for its work in tattoo-inspired mosaics. And if you've not seen some of their floor tile casino medallions in person, you've missed out on an opportunity to envision Native American themes in growing mega-entertainment complexes. These collaborations work because they reflect movement. And as Alice Paul said: I always feel the movement is a sort of mosaic.