Sunday, August 17, 2008

bulger/lange photography and advisory collaboration ensues

Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory earned the endorsement of New Hampshire's established Photographer Scott Bulger. Bulger says of the Washington DC-based arts firm: "Eager and enthusiastic, Shauna has the knowledge and ability to get things done." Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative. Service Category: Promotion/Marketing. Year first hired: 2007. Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory has been writing, designing, coaching, and consulting for the art world since 2006.

About a year ago, Bulger and Lange worked together in taking an initial look at marketing Bulger's work. Many artists who live in rural-suburbia find it a challenge to find pathways to large metropolitan art markets. To some in the arts world, this is known as regionalism - a work in Paducah doesn't sell in Paducah, but bring it out to La Jolla and suddenly they're charging at the door. In New York markets, out-region artists are highly courted for representation. For many artists, regionalism is a double edged sword.

The metropolitan market doesn't necessary know who's out there in the yonder regions and the out-region artist feels (s)he can't get placed in the big city. For Bulger, Lange made detailed recommendations about presenting Bulger's work via the Internet. Lange also provided tips on creating a "branding" presence through a web site. The two then explored ways Lange could channel DC photographic opportunities to Bulger. Ultimately, Bulger decided to continue to do the day-in and day-out of what was working for him at the time. The effort of the two is a credit to the adage for artists especially in minding your relationships as they often return unexpectedly.

Photography chose Bulger at an early age. Purchasing his first 35mm camera at 16, photography became firmly entrenched as part of his self-identification. Studying the work of the photographers that he most admired; Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Alfred Stieglitz, Elliot Erwitt, and Henri Cartier-Bresson, a common thread was realized and switching to B&W seemed a natural transition.

Working solely with B&W film for the next 20 years, Bulger developed a style that notices the details and displayes them in a unique way by separating them from their surroundings to concentrate on their inherent beauty. Bulger's work has been displayed in many exhibits, published in text books, has won numerous awards, and is included in several private collections. In 2001, “A Portrait of the Yucatan,” a collection of photographs from Mexico was also published.

Like all masters, Bulger's turned to sharing and teaching aspects of photography to students with a different vision. Three years ago, Bulger switched to digital capture and output and he has slowly begun to reintroduce color into his work. Bulger currently teaches "Black and White Darkroom" and "Introduction to Digital Photography" at Kimball-Jenkins School of Art in Concord, New Hampshire where he also sits on the School of Arts Advisory Team.

In the future, when the opportunity arises, Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory looks forward to sharing with gallerists and museum curators the unique challenges Bulger's work represents. In the meantime, Lange is very pleased to hear of Bulger's continued photographic success.

Featured small scale images are directly from the artist's website. Arched Door, Concord, NH, Aug 08; Double Door, New Hampton, NH, May 07; and No Trespassing, Epsom, NH, Jul 06.