Wednesday, August 6, 2008

peter "peat" malinoski: hyattsville's modern folk paintings

"Peat" works alone in a studio in his home in Hyattsville, MD. He paints with acrylics, watercolor, and inks on canvas to create modern folk works. The paintings depict curious and often humorous renderings of common and uncommon observations, visions, intents, and relationships gleaned from our regular daily life.

Peat ( has no intent to make sweeping profound statements. He uses his art to poke fun at humanity. His drafting ability is crude, but it lends itself well to a simple and sometimes sarcastic humor. He is not trying to shock, trick, bully, or otherwise cajole anyone into his secret vision. He is simply doing what he does best; rendering small stories of our existence - from the obvious to the obscure - in a funny manner.

He sells on etsy where he puts his finger on the obvious and his foot in the absurd. He says he is a fringe dweller, fascinated by the bizarre nature of our existence. He can't keep his mouth shut and he can't stop making things. He is full of sarcasm, but Malinoski married well and his mother still loves him and his works give us pause to remember the joyful persistence.

Some people look, some see,
others talk about things… most either complain or agree.
Few do anything else anymore
except to look into the mirror and see ... only themselves.
There is a lot more in the mirror
besides your own eyes.