Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Keziah Kelsey: At the Foot of Buddha Photography

Keziah Kelsey is a gifted and experienced photographer of over 12 years. She was raised in Rochester, NY (home of Kodak and RIT), and was bitten by the photobug early on! Keziah attended Buffalo State College for Art Education and minored in Photography. Her work is an effort to reconcile modern urban imagery with the mythological beauty of fairy tales and fantasy. Keziah tries to see the fantastic in all things and record it for others eyes. When she shoots fashion work, she attempts to bring a sense of dreaminess to each image. Although we like her fashion work, we L-O-V-E her At the Foot of Buddha series.

Keziah thinks all art is dreaming and so, we should relish each image as something we could only see if we were asleep. She is working on bringing femininity into imagery, as defined by a female gaze and she thinks women are at their finest when they are in powerful control of their feminine wiles. Keziah ( revels in capturing this glamour.

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