Sunday, August 24, 2008

color mapping contemporary masters for interior decorating and design

We accepted the somewhat daunting challenge of color mapping Benjamin Moore paint colors to a master artwork. Because it was our first commercial attempt, we chose instead, a contemporary rendition of a master, David Hockney's "Homage to Vincent's Chair." With vellum overlay and using a white blind technique, we then meticulously mapped the colors from Hockney's monograph image to various paint and color tonalities in the Benjamin Moore line. The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate the fact that if a commercial real estate or residential real estate owner wants to form interior design or interior decorating renovations around a particular work, it can be done and done to the degree that removes any second guessing by the design firm, the interior painters, or anyone else. We hope to be able to continue this line of work, particularly against masterful works in DC's museums. Imagine the applications and the possibilities.