Saturday, August 23, 2008

DC Arts Advisory Supports DC Educational Non-Profit: Beyond Talent

Washington DC's Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory has donated an original artwork in pencils and reproduction renaissance printers blocks to the Washington DC non-profit organization Beyond Talent. Beyond Talent, headed by Ellie Phillips, will be holding a fundraising event in the upcoming months. The education fundraiser will feature a silent auction of donated artworks to support its causes of success.

More than 50 percent of the students who enter DC high schools do not graduate. For many, a GED or other high school-equivalent credentials offer a second chance to get the education they so desperately need to begin a career, and support themselves and their loved ones. Unfortunately the drive and intelligence needed to earn a GED are often not enough. Adult learners face a host of other financial, social, and emotional challenges that can delay or prevent graduation from a GED program.

Beyond Talent believes that no one is better equipped to help non-traditional learners face these challenges than the people who have already overcome them. Beyond Talent matches top GED graduates with current GED students in mentoring relationships that provide the current students with the insight and support necessary to overcome adversities and achieve their educational goals.

In addition to core mentoring programs, Beyond Talent provides financial and other support to program participants eager to continue their education at college or in vocational training and certification programs. Beyond Talent is also developing other innovative ways to build capacity and foster academic achievement among non-traditional learners beyond the high school-equivalent level.

Explanatory text about Beyond Talent is adapted from their website.