Friday, November 14, 2008

lange arts advisory participates in national sketchbook project

We are thrilled to be participating in Art House LLC's newest event, The Sketchbook Project.  Moleskine notebooks are being sent to artists who register and will then go on to be shown at a seven city tour of galleries and museums throughout the nation.  The theme of the Sketchbook Project is "Everyone We Know."  Man, that's a LOT of people.  The Sketchbook Project's event is similar to the recent 1,000 Journals Project that received much publicity.  Personally, we're amazed at the inventiveness, revenue generating schemes, and community art projects designed by Atlanta's trendy gallery.  You can also participate in The Timeline Project or The Ten Thousand People Interpret One Word Project.  Here are the upcoming show dates which will be featuring some of DC's based Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory's finest work.

Atlanta - Art House Gallery - Starting Point
DC - Museum of Contemporary Art - March 3, 2009
Philly - Chris' Jazz Cafe - March 4, 2009
Boston - Laconia Gallery - March 6, 2009
Chicago - Antena Gallery - March 8, 2009
Brooklyn - 3rd Ward Gallery - March 13, 2009
Atlanta - Museum of Design - April 2, 2009