Wednesday, November 5, 2008

letter from hugeaux

Here's a letter I received from Hugeaux on the President-Elect and the Arts.

Dear Humanitarians; Our New president Barack Obama is truly CHANGE. I predict that in the up coming seasons there shall be a HUGE increase on the importance of artists of African and American descent. We shall see a changing of the guards in many major and minor art institution / galleries and dealers. A new breed of collectors are coming into the arena. It has been a long wait for such a movement. For artists, it is now more important for you to create your on HISTORIES. The Internet is the key source. You have seen it work to it fullest with president Obama campaign. Old ideas are truly respected HOWEVER a CHANGE is HERE. GO AND GET IT!!!!!!! Hugeaux

Image Credit: The Bullfighting Cowboy, oil pastel, Hugeaux.