Monday, November 3, 2008

shifty shifts

This is why November's always such a strange month for me. Shifting sands, shifting thoughts, shifting tides and shifting ideas. I have been unable to control my growing excitement about artists journals, art journaling, visual diaries, collage, mixed media, art on paper, book art ... and I'm giving serious thought to putting aside the arts business end of Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory to instead focus on a research, teaching, writing, creativity workshops, and arts working ends oriented around journaling. As I study artists' pages in various books and as I study methods of paper manipulation, I find that art journaling and visual chronicling seem to be all I can think about. And I already shared with you that I have this arts journal idea tied into the holy prayer cards. I keep thinking about how to present the idea and I seem to be on a rabid hunt for anything and everything paper related. To that end, Art Whino's offering an upcoming show on the art of stenciling which I thought I'd share here. Who in the DC area specializes in the art of the book? If anyone knows, please contact me.