Tuesday, November 11, 2008

lynn boggess at principle gallery

If it weren't my 45th on November 21st, I'd be headed over to Old Town Alexandria's Principle Gallery where Lynn Boggess is showing some of his finest "realism landscapes."  Borgess recently taught as a Professor of Art at Fairmont State University and he holds a MFA from the esteemed Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI.  In addition to his landscape paintings, Borgess wishes to draw attention to the diverse nature of West Virginia and its flora through the use of vertical painting formats where the viewer is drawn into the deeply receding spaces.  Free from human influence, the scenes invite contemplation of time, the cycle of the senses, and the alternating character of river rocks.  

Images Shown:  Lynn Boggess, Image 1 - Rapids on the New River, 30 x 26, oil on Canvas (Gallery #11516); Image 2 - Gallery #10807, 46 x 40, oil on canvas, 2007; Image 3 - Tea Creek, 46 x 40, oil on canvas, 2008