Thursday, November 13, 2008

sidney lawrence ink cities @ district fine arts

We could not have been more excited to receive Todd Savitch's press release about Sidney Lawrence's Ink Cities Book Signing where Lawrence will provide personalized inscriptions and sketches for his new 200-edition artist's book.

Inspired by pocket-sized sketchbooks artists often carry while traveling, the 32-page, spiral-bound publication ($26) presents Lawrence's highly detailed, often fantasy-laden drawings of 24 cities from around the world-DC, Shanghai, Fez, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen and Sydney, to name a few---with a handwritten fact, anecdote or impression to accompany each image. Ink drawings, Lawrence says, are "my Ouija Board for capturing a city's buzz and sense of adventure."

Ink Cities is meant to appeal to all ages, Lawrence stresses. "At the end, readers may use their own words and images to portray their favorite cities on five blank pages," he says. The reproduced drawings date from 1987 to 2008; several are in local and national collections. Ink Cities appears as part of Lawrence's current show at DFA of paintings, reliefs and works on paper (Nov. 15, 2008 to Jan. 17, 2009), and is much appreciated after all the photography we will have seen during DC Fotoweek. Lawrence has exhibited in the DC area since the early 1980s and also in California and Massachusetts.

Saturday, December 13, 4-6 pm. , from 4 to 6 pm
District Fine Arts
1639 Wisconsin Wisconsin Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007
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