Sunday, August 24, 2008

color mapping contemporary masters for interior decorating and design

We accepted the somewhat daunting challenge of color mapping Benjamin Moore paint colors to a master artwork. Because it was our first commercial attempt, we chose instead, a contemporary rendition of a master, David Hockney's "Homage to Vincent's Chair." With vellum overlay and using a white blind technique, we then meticulously mapped the colors from Hockney's monograph image to various paint and color tonalities in the Benjamin Moore line. The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate the fact that if a commercial real estate or residential real estate owner wants to form interior design or interior decorating renovations around a particular work, it can be done and done to the degree that removes any second guessing by the design firm, the interior painters, or anyone else. We hope to be able to continue this line of work, particularly against masterful works in DC's museums. Imagine the applications and the possibilities.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

shauna lee lange artworks exhibiting @ alexandria's a show of hands

Alexandria's distinguished shop, A Show of Hands, which does double time as a hub of art and community activity, has taken on consignment twelve original, self-taught artworks by Shauna Lee Lange. Six pieces are photographic works taken between 2006 - 2008 and the remaining six works are reproduction pictorial archives of printer's ornaments in a variety of pencil types. Lange's pencil work is unlike any other currently on shop's display, where over 200 artists are represented.

Pat Miller, one of the locally made craft and artwork boutique owners, juggles interacting and conversing with shop customers, the city's Sheriff, two artists on consignment, and two babies all in the course of a half hour on a Saturday morning. Miller IS a mover and a shaker and her shop on Del Ray's Mt. Vernon Avenue not only promotes arts as a whole in the community, but serves as lifeline to Miller's investment in the arts. It is no wonder the shop was named as Virginia Retailer of the Year. Miller is involved with the City of Alexandria's Arts Commission and she is the vital linchpin in Del Ray's Arts on the Avenue (Oct. 4, 2008).

We thank Pat for her enthusiasm and support of this writer, and we look forward to working with her in a variety of arts capacities in the near future.

DC Arts Advisory Supports DC Educational Non-Profit: Beyond Talent

Washington DC's Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory has donated an original artwork in pencils and reproduction renaissance printers blocks to the Washington DC non-profit organization Beyond Talent. Beyond Talent, headed by Ellie Phillips, will be holding a fundraising event in the upcoming months. The education fundraiser will feature a silent auction of donated artworks to support its causes of success.

More than 50 percent of the students who enter DC high schools do not graduate. For many, a GED or other high school-equivalent credentials offer a second chance to get the education they so desperately need to begin a career, and support themselves and their loved ones. Unfortunately the drive and intelligence needed to earn a GED are often not enough. Adult learners face a host of other financial, social, and emotional challenges that can delay or prevent graduation from a GED program.

Beyond Talent believes that no one is better equipped to help non-traditional learners face these challenges than the people who have already overcome them. Beyond Talent matches top GED graduates with current GED students in mentoring relationships that provide the current students with the insight and support necessary to overcome adversities and achieve their educational goals.

In addition to core mentoring programs, Beyond Talent provides financial and other support to program participants eager to continue their education at college or in vocational training and certification programs. Beyond Talent is also developing other innovative ways to build capacity and foster academic achievement among non-traditional learners beyond the high school-equivalent level.

Explanatory text about Beyond Talent is adapted from their website.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

join over 40,000 for del ray's art on the avenue

Last year's Art on the Avenue was hot. I mean uncomfortably hot. When I saw our good friend, painter, and silk-scarf designer Wynn Creasy melting in the sun, I really knew it was hot. Wynn doesn't wither away easy, you know.

Vendors lined up nice and early and they were the refreshing, cottage-y kind - moms trying to make a business out of nothing but elbow grease and intuition. Jewelers trying to out-design and out-create sustainability adornment. Or take the couple who had hand-pressed dried flowers into elaborate and careful garden inspirations. That's Del Ray's Art on the Avenue. It has a completely different feel, different flavor, and different fun for art lovers in Alexandria.

October 4, 2008 is the date set for the Mt. Vernon Avenue multicultural extravaganza, festival, and all around part-ay. If you're in for that kind of thing, you may want to check out the volunteer opportunities as exhibitor slots are now full. If you're a musician hoping to impress what is sure to surpass last year's 40,000 visitors count, you won't want to miss this Saturday soiree.

the surprise of de-installing an art exhibit

De-installing an art exhibit, particularly one that's been running for several months, can be a strange experience for the artist. When you haven't seen works for a period of time, it's always a bit of a shock to view them anew. It's a strange out-of-body experience with the self telling the self, "I did that. I made that. What do I really think of that?" And so with that strange set of emotions, there is also satisfaction at having shown and sadness at seeing an exhibit come to an end. For a short time, you were an exhibiting artist and now that the display is down, what does that make you?

It's Shauna Lee Lange Art Advisory's experience that de-installation is also almost always fraught with technical de-hanging problems. They can't find the maintenance man with the keys, the gallery director is absent, you need to come back and sign paperwork, it's the gallery attendant's first day, the works are not in the condition you left them, and then there's always the nasty business of attending to any outstanding commission payments. Uuughh. What's worse, is then there you are, carting your little box of wares out to the car like you did on the day you were fired from the corporate job you hated before you even became an artist.

Like life, art exhibits are cyclical with definable stages. But remember, an artist exhibits to share a vision and to sell. And when one day, you go to do your de-install, and shockingly and surprisingly you find some of the works actually SOLD - it's such a joy and a great confirmation. Recently, we even had the pleasure of meeting a collector who purchased small pencil works inspired by antique printers blocks. And when the collector sees the beauty you see and the collector's sense of aesthetics clicks with yours, whew! It's like you can finally exhale - like you've been holding your breath and now you can relax, go back to the studio, and start all over again.

Image: "Basket" mixed media pencils and pastels by Shauna Lee Lange 2006..

Monday, August 18, 2008

a contemporary vermeer: edward j. (ted) reed @ the art league

Excitement is building over The Art League's upcoming September exhibition featuring the solo works of painter Edward J. (Ted) Reed ( This author is the first to call Reed, with solid justification, "The Contemporary Vermeer."

Vermeer was a Dutch Baroque painter who specialized in ordinary domestic interior scenes, he is arguably most known by his work "Girl With a Pearl Earring." Although largely unrecognized while alive, Vermeer's work is now acknowledged as one of the greatest of the Dutch Golden Age. He is particularly famed for his use of light and masterly technique. Vermeer is said to have worked slowly, probably producing three paintings a year during which he produced unique transparent colors by applying paint to the canvas in somewhat loosely granular layers (a technique called pointillé).

Vermeer's works all contain distinctive and certain light and perspective effects including the earth colours umber and ochre which are understood as warm light within the painting's interior and which reflect multiple colors onto the background. Vermeer's works exemplify an understanding of Da Vinci's observations that the surface of every object absorbs the color of the adjacent object.

So too, we find modern day painter Reed seemingly unaware that he is channeling the spirit of Vermeer (but hopefully not the Dutch painter's financial troubles) in the former's acclaimed portraiture studies. Three of many masterful works are shown above: Louder (Pippi Takes a Ride), 46 x 28, oil on linen, 2006; Annalise, 15 x 15, oil on canvas, 2003; and Vigilant, 17 x 15, oil on canvas, 2005.

Reed, (known as Ted), lives in Vienna, Virginia and paints in his home studio. He teaches portrait, figure, and still-life painting at The Art League School. Reed won a variety of collegiate level awards. Sadly, from 1987 to 1989, while attending Harvard Law School, he stopped painting in the misguided belief that the demands of a legal education required him to forego all distractions. While practicing law, he rarely lifted a paintbrush.

They say gifts are embedded in life's hardships. Ted became disabled with a permanent, chronic pain condition and was forced to retire from legal practice at the end of 2000. The hidden gift was that in 2001, he began painting again to the extent that his disability allowed. His return to art was difficult. The pain he experiences was and is a constant impediment. Additionally, the decade of art talent neglect had stripped him of the few skills he'd developed through his college years.

By 2003, Reed began teaching art intermittently and in the fall of 2004, The Art League asked him to join the faculty. It is easy to understand how his newly re-found dedication has manifested itself through Reed's artist statement. Like Vermeer, Reed is captivated by people. Individual portraits dominate most of Reed's work to date and will continue to comprise a large part of his artistic efforts.

Reed says his work couples the structure of classical portrait and figure painting with clear, brilliant colors rarely seen in traditional or contemporary works in these fields. He portrays what he finds most compelling about his subjects’ character and personality through expression, gesture, setting, composition, color, and brushwork. We believe the devil's in the detail, and in Reed's work, the angel's in the light. Any lover of Vermeer can gaze for hours at streams of sunlight radiating through an open window, or streams of light hitting a balancing scale. For us, the light is the love of the work and is the most captivating aspect of it.

Reed likes to work from life whenever possible. This generates energy (or light) unachievable through other means. To bolster this energy, he rarely asks subjects to hold still, unlike Vermeer who is argued to have possibly used camera obscura as a technique method in captivating exactness. People reveal themselves to Reed when they relax, talk, and laugh. Because of their movement, he may catch a mouth at one angle and eyes, or other features, at a slightly different angle and this also is in direct contrast to Vermeer's stillness, stiffness, motionlessness, and rigidity. But still, there is the light and particularly, the light of the face. Pop a pearl earring on Annalise and you can't tell me you don't have the modern Mona Lisa of the North. Reed paints light shifts as faithful depictions of parts of the same person at different moments and this creates for him and for the viewer, both movement and a sense of timelessness.

Reed attributes his style to a dependence upon classical structure inspired by the works of John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Carravaggio, and traditions of realism tracing back to the Renaissance masters and it's interesting to Alexandria's Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory that he's not yet drawn the parallel to the Dutch masters.

The rich, vibrant colors Reed adds enhance his paintings’ emotional impact and this is in direct correlation with Vermeer's style. In fact, many scholars believe Vermeer must have been gifted paint (often expensive material paint) by virtue of the artist's poverty and indebtedness. However, Vermeer is credited with the detailed application of paint layers and color infusion. Reed, on the other hand, draws inspiration from the paintings of Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, who he believes is perhaps his greatest influence, and also from the optics of direct color application explored by the impressionists.

Vermeer is said to have painted slowly. For Reed, injuries to his hands, which disabled him from a former legal career, cause chronic pain that ensures he will never be as prolific as other artists. Across time, the silvery cord that binds and ties all art lovers has magically united Reed with Vermeer. Both are said to cherish each moment they paint and both are driven to achieve as much as they can with each work. Well, why don't you just come and see for yourself.

In The Art League Gallery:

Exhibit Dates: September 5 – October 6, 2008

Opening Reception:
Thursday, September 11: 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Mr. Reed will give demonstrations, painting from a model in the gallery on the following dates:
Saturday, September 13, 12:00 noon - 3:00 pm
Saturday, September 20, 12:00 noon - 3:00 pm

Sunday, October 5, 1:00 - 4:00 pm

New Gallery Hours:
Monday – Saturday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday, 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm
Open every Thursday evening until 9:00 pm.

Exhibitions and events are free and open to the public.

howard alan events to host 6th alexandria festival of the arts

Having attended each of the past five outdoor annual arts festivals in Old Town Alexandria, Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory looks forward to this year's celebration slated for September 13 - 14th. Over all the past years, we walked away most amazed at the growth in glass art vendors (see the in-depth glass works article on this site) and most surprised by the year that had a young man of less than 13 years of age selling driftwood from a side table.

We're blessed to live in a community with such a rich arts culture and one that happens to be less than 15 minutes away from our nation's best arts archives. The Alexandria Festival of the Arts features jewelry, sculpture, photography, mixed media, incredible oils and watercolors, musicians, good weather, and dogs. Oh, you're going to see dogs. Dogs mixed in with bicyclists, kids in strollers, cups of coffee, and bottles of water. Bring your sunglasses, comfortable walking shoes, and an eye of discernment in selecting works for your business or your home.

Alexandria's own first woman veteran owned arts writing, arts designing, arts coaching, and arts consulting firm, Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory, specializes not only in acquisition and placement of art works, but also in determining appropriate market price points so you know you're getting value for your art investments.

cartoonist shaun boland

Shaun Boland's got some pretty crafty cartoons on his site and we love this one about crayons and color as recently published in The Metro Herald.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

arts advisory to attend connoissuership and collecting seminar

Washington DC-based Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory is scheduled to attend an intensive September seminar in Connoisseurship and Collecting, held at the Ripley Center, Smithsonian and co-sponsored with the American Society of Appraisers and Weschler's Auctioneers and Appraisers. The session includes a private preview and reception where William P. Weschler and Thomas M. Weschler will address issues facing today's antiques market, the workings of auction houses, and will host preview displays of paintings, jewelry, and decorative arts. Additional session speakers include Sandra J. Tropper on "All About Fine Arts"; Paula Hantman on "Quality in Furniture"; Martin Fuller on the "World of Gems and Jewelry"; Louise T. Hall on "Silver as a Collectible"; Leatrice Eagle on "Contemporary Crafts and Design"; and John V. Lanterman who will serve as moderator.

Image Credit: Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory, "Antique Sign" August 2008.

bulger/lange photography and advisory collaboration ensues

Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory earned the endorsement of New Hampshire's established Photographer Scott Bulger. Bulger says of the Washington DC-based arts firm: "Eager and enthusiastic, Shauna has the knowledge and ability to get things done." Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative. Service Category: Promotion/Marketing. Year first hired: 2007. Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory has been writing, designing, coaching, and consulting for the art world since 2006.

About a year ago, Bulger and Lange worked together in taking an initial look at marketing Bulger's work. Many artists who live in rural-suburbia find it a challenge to find pathways to large metropolitan art markets. To some in the arts world, this is known as regionalism - a work in Paducah doesn't sell in Paducah, but bring it out to La Jolla and suddenly they're charging at the door. In New York markets, out-region artists are highly courted for representation. For many artists, regionalism is a double edged sword.

The metropolitan market doesn't necessary know who's out there in the yonder regions and the out-region artist feels (s)he can't get placed in the big city. For Bulger, Lange made detailed recommendations about presenting Bulger's work via the Internet. Lange also provided tips on creating a "branding" presence through a web site. The two then explored ways Lange could channel DC photographic opportunities to Bulger. Ultimately, Bulger decided to continue to do the day-in and day-out of what was working for him at the time. The effort of the two is a credit to the adage for artists especially in minding your relationships as they often return unexpectedly.

Photography chose Bulger at an early age. Purchasing his first 35mm camera at 16, photography became firmly entrenched as part of his self-identification. Studying the work of the photographers that he most admired; Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Alfred Stieglitz, Elliot Erwitt, and Henri Cartier-Bresson, a common thread was realized and switching to B&W seemed a natural transition.

Working solely with B&W film for the next 20 years, Bulger developed a style that notices the details and displayes them in a unique way by separating them from their surroundings to concentrate on their inherent beauty. Bulger's work has been displayed in many exhibits, published in text books, has won numerous awards, and is included in several private collections. In 2001, “A Portrait of the Yucatan,” a collection of photographs from Mexico was also published.

Like all masters, Bulger's turned to sharing and teaching aspects of photography to students with a different vision. Three years ago, Bulger switched to digital capture and output and he has slowly begun to reintroduce color into his work. Bulger currently teaches "Black and White Darkroom" and "Introduction to Digital Photography" at Kimball-Jenkins School of Art in Concord, New Hampshire where he also sits on the School of Arts Advisory Team.

In the future, when the opportunity arises, Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory looks forward to sharing with gallerists and museum curators the unique challenges Bulger's work represents. In the meantime, Lange is very pleased to hear of Bulger's continued photographic success.

Featured small scale images are directly from the artist's website. Arched Door, Concord, NH, Aug 08; Double Door, New Hampton, NH, May 07; and No Trespassing, Epsom, NH, Jul 06.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

collage of a day's art journey: new images lead to new inspiration

Julia Cameron, who wrote The Artists Way, encourages artists to set a day of the week as an "artist date" where the artist purposes to go out and see new images for new inspiration. While we haven't been able to keep to Ms. Cameron's schedule, recently, Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory did take a day to explore this advice. We've attached some images to hopefully inspire and revitalize you.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

allworth press for photographers

Allworth Press recently announced three helpful library staples for the aspiring photographer.

Professional Business Practices in Photography, 7th Ed., By The American Society of Media Photographers. This informative guide lays bare the necessary steps to a successful photography business including pricing, licensing, forms, copyright, digital business and much more.

The Professional Photographer's Legal Handbook by Nancy Wolff. With a look at cases, statutes, and news items from today's headlines, the handbook covers the issues photographers and their representatives face: requirements, limits, and enforcement of copyright and trademark; fair use and public domain; first amendment considerations; and the law of privacy and publicity.

Business and Legal Forms for Photographers by Tad Crawford. This volume contains thirty-one business and legal forms, step-by-step instructions, advice on standard contractual provisions, thorough discussion of contractual issues relevant to the industry, and unique negotiation checklists to help photographers operate with the highest standards of professionalism.

why vienna's soundry is just so arts snazzola

Jennifer from The Soundry in Vienna, VA recently shared with Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory that after many trials, tribulations, and budgetary surprises, The Soundry is finally preparing to open their doors in the very near future.

The Soundry will offer artists of all levels and backgrounds a 5,000 square foot open studio that will be accessible 24/7 to members. In addition to creative space, there will be tables, easels, drying racks, and lockers available. During staffed hours, there will be a snack and coffee bar for members. The Soundry's goal is to have a creative community that benefits from working around a network of other creative souls. Future programs will include member shows, critiques, workshops, and classes.

The space, a converted auto body shop, has been undergoing a skillful transformation into a quasi arts-gym for artists, crafters, and musicians to create, jam, and network. Not only will artists get a space to create, but they will also have an opportunity to earn income by teaching a class or workshop, selling work in our gallery, or even selling a CD in the coffee shop.

If you are an artist looking for affordable studio space, memberships will be around $100/month for unlimited studio time, web site promotion, inclusion in art shows, etc. Well, it's not the same when someone else tells you - why don't you do what we plan to do this month and just see for yourself. and

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

can't get out to an art show? here's a nifty solution

Not everyone can get out to an art show or gallery or to some of the more interesting community arts venues. But if you have a computer, you may wish to check out The Guild's e-commerce site, Artful Home. Artful Home presents the work of North America’s finest artists who are among today’s proven masters.

Each work for sale is selected by a jury of renowned artistic advisors. Artful Home artists have been selected by an advisory panel of experts from the art world. Knowing that every piece has met exacting standards means you can purchase with confidence. And if you're not sure what you want, Artful Home offers informed assistance. Based on 25 years of art world experience, their team of Artwork Specialists is at your service to answer questions and make suggestions.

Image credit "Nests" by Heather Palmer.

philadelphia museum of art craft show - 32nd annual features Israeli works

Save your money for the 32nd Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show scheduled for November 13 - 16 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This amazing venue is sponsored by The Women's Committee and Craft Show Committee for the benefit of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

This year, 23 leading Israeli craft artists will showcase their work. The artists in conjunction with the Association of Israel's Decorative Arts (AIDA) and museum coordinators have been working to select and promote guest artists from Israel. In keeping with the spirit of cooperation, the Consulate General of Israel in Philadelphia has joined in the effort. The 23 Israeli craft artists will show and sell a wide variety of work, including: ceramics; fiber, jewelry, metal, and mixed media.

According to the museum's press release, the Israeli guest artist participation in the show reflects the eighth international cultural group to be featured. Past guest artist groups have traveled from: Canada (2007), Finland (2006), Germany (2005), Ireland (2004), Great Britain (2003), First Nation (2002), and Japan (2001).

washington craft show - 185 contemporary american craft artists

Crafts America Shows have been producing some of the finest craft shows in the nation and this year's Washington DC Craft Show at the Convention Center (November 7 - 9) holds many continued promises. Over 185 contemporary American craft artists, juried exhibitions, and sales of fine craft are some of what's in store for craft show attendees. Information from the site further explains:

"Celebrating its 21st year, this major fall event includes 40 new artists among the established and emerging talent selected by jury to present their signature collections for the home and to wear. Each piece is one-of-a-kind or limited-edition, made with vision and mastery in the artist’s studio. The 2008 theme, “Making It Personal,” will be the focus of informative talks and visitors’ consultations with interior designers and fashion professionals."

smithsonian trunk show of jewelry & wearable art

We doubt the wife of Smithsonian Secretary S. Dillon Ripley, Mary Ripley, knew what she was getting herself into back in 1966 when she founded the Smithsonian Women's Committee in an effort to benefit educational, outreach, and research programs within the Smithsonian Institution. And we doubt that in 1983 when the Smithsonian Trunk Show held its debut, that organizers could have imagined how the show would grow in size and esteem. If you want to see exhibits, displays, and the fine works of over 30 artists who have been previously juried in Smithsonian Craft Shows, then September 19 - 21st are now "unavailable" dates for you!

long's park art & craft festival - number 3 in the country

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is the host of the 30th annual Long's Park Art & Craft Festival scheduled to be held over Labor Day weekend. Recently voted as the third ranking fine art & craft show in the country (American Style Survey Jan/Feb 08), this year’s event drew applications from artists living in 46 states, the District of Columbia, and 3 foreign countries. More than 1,200 artists vied to be selected by independent jurors for one of 200 exhibitors spots. Over 50 of these exhibitors will be new to the Long’s Park show. Any art consultant can tell you that one of the best and fastest ways to get a pulse on new developments in the field is to experience outdoor art & craft festivals where, quite literally, the rubber meets the road. Enjoy!

creativity, inspiration, self-actualization and you

An unknown author recently said, "Stay young by taking inspiration from the young in spirit who remained creatively active all their lives: Goethe completing Faust at 80; Titian painting masterpieces at 98; Toscanini conducting at 85; Justice Holmes writing Supreme Court decisions at 90; Edison busy in his laboratory at 84; and Benjamin Franklin helping to frame the American Constitution at 80." In other words, it ain't over till it's over.

In 1996 when Hillary Rodham Clinton contributed to a monograph for the National Assembly of Local Arts Agencies, Americans for the Arts, she said, "Some of the most powerful works of art have been produced by older Americans by hands that have engaged in years of hard work, eyes that have witnessed decades of change, and hearts that have felt a lifetime of emotions. Our whole society benefits when older Americans use their talents and experiences to become involved in the arts as creators, teachers, mentors, volunteers and audiences.

Creativity studies have shown that for some, the approach of end of life and self-actualization actually stimulates creativity with increased urgency, intensity, and energy and that creativity may emerge during periods of intense loneliness and depression. Recall the lives of poet Carl Sandburg, violinist Pablo Casals, and folk painter Grandma Moses. Which stage of creativity are you in? (Ebersole & Hess, 1995)

Preparation - where time and experience foster opportunity
Frustration - expression and approach may be unclear
Incubation - ideas are taking shape
Illumination - an approach becomes clear
Elaboration - plans are developed and built upon

elizabeth stone gallery moves to internet only presence

Our much loved Old Town Alexandria purveyor of children's book illustration and fine art is closing her doors and moving to Internet only sales after August 15th. Elizabeth Stone offered children's book illustrations, limited editions and prints, posters, and a special suite of children's gifts. Stone made a big impression on Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory when she revealed the work she was doing to bring children's illustration to local large hospitals.

Spending a few hours and going through Stone's flat files is like walking back in time through one's own childhood. While we wish Stone well, we (like many others in the business) wonder and worry about the balance of an Internet presence and a physical store front and it still deeply saddens us to see our ability as art lovers to view these precious works up and close coming to an end.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2nd annual DC international arts expo - sept. 08

Starting Friday, September 19, 2008, 6 pm - 10 pm at the Washington Convention Center, you can be one of the first to meet international artists who will be participating along with notable corporate sponsors in the 2nd Annual Washington DC International Arts Expo. The event will feature special unveilings, live entertainment, tasty treats and tidbits, silent benefit auctions, seminars, and much more.

outsider art fair 2009's new venue

For all of us who in years past weren't sure whether outsider art exhibits and booths at the Puck Building were paying off, organizers have moved the New York Outsider Art Fair 2009 to the Mart, 7 West 34th Street in New York. The preview gala slated for January 9, 2009 benefits the American Folk Art Museum. This is another great event for outsider art, art brut, and contemporary folk art aficionados - and was the first time Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory actually witnessed non-sponsored artists rolling up their U-Hauls and opening up shop on the street corner. Only in New York - there's no place like it!

folk art society of america's symposium to be held in DC

All you visionaries and outside artists will want to mark your calendars for September 25 - 28, 2008 where you can join Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory in celebrating the Folk Art Society of America's 21st Annual Conference in Washington, DC. The theme of this year's symposia will be Folk Art in our Nation's Capital. Highlights include guest speakers, day tours, and a benefit auction. Auction proceeds donated to the Hemphill Jr. Memorial Art Fund contributes to the purchase of an art work each year for donation to a museum or university. The auction is the Society’s only yearly fund-raising event; its success depends on generous contributions and wide participation.

Image Credit to photographer Katherine Fogden, courtesy of the National Museum of the American Indian, and reposted from the Folk Art Society's Annual Conference web page.

Monday, August 11, 2008

a color school tissue mosaicist turns attention to acrylics: bryan jernigan

Acclaimed Artist Bryan Jernigan "stopped by" the other day to let Washington DC-based Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory know that he's been working in a new medium - acrylic on unprimed canvas. Century 21 Gallery in Rosslyn (1711 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington) embraced the work in their show, "Dog Days of Summer," which runs through the end of August.

Approximately 14 of Jernigan's ( older works, his tissue piece mosaics (previously featured on this site), are currently hanging in the Arlington County Circuit Court Judicial Chambers near Courthouse Metro and he has a couple of small works at Cassatt's Cafe and Gallery on Lee Highway, along with a handful of pieces at the BB&T Bank on Columbia Pike in South Arlington.

Jernigan's a rising star in the resurgence of the Washington Color School theory. He's another example of a very talented artist who is balancing the demands of a full time job, a family, and the challenges of marketing art works while producing at the same time. If that weren't enough, he's also teaching a Color Field class on Wednesday nights at the Dominion Hills Area Recreation Association on Wilson Boulevard beginning in October. You can see the course description here:

Featured works by the artist are Exuberance II; Rain on the Grass I; and ZygoteI. - THE paint solution for artists

Washington DC-based Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory firm was recently honored to be contacted by the founder and CEO of, Mr. Jason Shaw. My Perfect Color offers a very unique service and set of products - a sample-sized mini can that is available in over 100,000 paint colors from over 100 paint brands (and they can even make any color in lighter or darker variations). This is perfect for people who want to try colors to see how they will really look like or for people who are trying to match, for example, tones in the benjamin moore line.

But Shaw sees another really exciting application of his mini can paint products - and that is the potential for matching colors in art and making these available to people to purchase. are experts in color matching, and have built an Internet destination for people looking to find their perfect paint colors. can create paint color matches and post these online, making them available for people to buy in sample-size pints or gallons in a wide variety of paint finishes. The application for artists, art historians, art curators, and art advisors or consultants is very promising. - simply find your perfect color. And don't forget to check out their paint colors and painting blog.

susan kopecky: iowa's fine art photographer

Washington DC-based Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory has been, over the past several months, on the receiving end of the better half of a long-distance e-mail relationship with a fine arts photographer, Susan Kopecky. Working with medium and large format film cameras, Kopecky photographs subjects that evoke an emotional response. She strives to print the image the way it "felt" at the moment it was photographed rather than trying to replicate the way it appeared. Kopecky's images are a combination of simplicity and emotional response and they further illustrate how she thinks and feels about the subjects.

Kopecky has been involved in black and white, fine art photography for over two decades. Her work has received national attention by being selected for numerous group exhibitions, with several images receiving awards in galleries across the country. Kopecky continues to compete in national and international juried competitions and her prints are held in numerous corporate collections, as well as private residences.

She offers prints commercially through her website and like all artists has struggled with periods of productivity verses "leaving it alone for a bit". Each of her prints is handmade by the artist, signed, numbered, and part of a limited edition. At no time in the image creating process (from film exposure to film processing/printing, to toning, mounting/matting, and framing) does the image leave the artist's hands. Images are printed on black and white, fiber base photographic paper, in a traditional wet chemical darkroom. These are NOT digital prints. The prints are then Selenium toned, and once dry, they are mounted, matted and waxed to gallery standards for archivability. All images are mounted on acid free, four ply, mat board with over-mats cut from the same. These prints are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Kopecky is amazing to me in all she does and strives to do (we're talking to one exercising - book reading - cat loving MACHINE), but I personally believe you can get a feel for her love of photography and for the process of photography through her careful revival of her grandmother's negatives. Featured above are three images from her 2004 series: Family Men; Young Brothers; and Boy and Horses. I am grateful for the artist's permission to represent her work in this forum. You can contact the ansel adam-ist at her email,

Friday, August 8, 2008

yulia gorbachenko: fashion & model photography

Yulia Gorbachenko ( has a series of original fashion shoots and model portfolio-style photographs at Gorbachenko's work has a self-admitted "Russian Girl" approach and perspective. Gorbachenko originates from Kyiv (Ukraine) where she held a 4.0 gpa in her marketing major. Early summer found her over at the Corcoran studying Digital Photography while working professionally as a photographer in event photography for a Maryland firm. Gorbachenko's got a Washington, DC vision and she's aiming towards it in a clear and concise pattern of fashion and model photographs - her work is well suited for commercial and advertising endeavors.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

national arts marketing conference

There's still plenty of time to get involved with the Americans for the Arts and their National Arts Marketing Project Conference held this November in Houston. For more information and a list of unique speakers see

paint it perfect: museum salon wall color selection and you

Anne Kenderdine's written a timely article for the Washington Post on museum wall paint selection, color in general, and how the two can be used for inspiration in designing your own living spaces. The article sites several DC area museum curators and their choice of salon paint color.

Seems like this is a new advertising angle for a variety of paint companies, Valspar (featured on HGTV) and Benjamin Moore (featured in many fine properties) included. And Washington's always had a soft spot for anything involving color - so why not?

If you're thinking about incorporating something new in terms of paint color, be sure to paint a small sample on your wall and look at the tone in varying lights and at different times of the day over a series of days before you commit. Take a color swatch to a variety of stores with fluorescent, halogen, or other lighting so you'll know how to complement it with fabrics. Also, if you're spending dough on top end products, it pays to consider having the walls professionally done. A tone applied with one coat looks very different from one applied with three - so check with your painter for his professional advice before you begin.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

presidential paper doll candidates and the importance of national arts policies

Our friends over at Dover Publications recently announced the release of their arts inspired Presidential Paper Dolls: The Fun Way to Support Your Candidate! Be sure as voting artists to make yourselves familiar with the respective arts policies - your future can depend on it!

Senator McCain. This commemorative set of wonderfully designed paper dolls features Senator John McCain—the Republican candidate for 44th President of the United States—and his wife, Cindy, plus casual and formal outfits they wore during his campaign. This colorful edition includes a brief biography, descriptive notes, and a bonus "Election Night Scorecard."

Senator Obama - Make the most of a key moment in history with these beautifully rendered paper dolls featuring Senator Barack Obama, his wife, Michelle, and their two daughters. The set includes a wardrobe of authentic outfits worn by the couple on the campaign trail. Features brief biographical notes and a bonus "Election Night Scorecard."

Free! Bonus Costumes for the Candidates & More. You can follow your favorite paper doll candidate with Dover's weekly Presidential Paper Doll Sampler! Each week, you'll receive a colorful email that's packed with cool giveaways: extra costumes for the candidates and their wives, free samples from other Dover paper doll books, and more. Plus, with the Campaign Countdown you'll find out which paper doll candidate is the most popular. Use this link to sign up now— Plus, each of these new books is a Dover "Green Edition" printed in the U.S. on recycled paper. So don't miss out on the hottest campaign collectibles around: our new McCain and Obama paper dolls are sure to become sought-after collector's items!

Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory is a non-partisan commercial enterprise and offers Presidential Paper Doll information in the spirit of a robust 2008 election campaign.

Keziah Kelsey: At the Foot of Buddha Photography

Keziah Kelsey is a gifted and experienced photographer of over 12 years. She was raised in Rochester, NY (home of Kodak and RIT), and was bitten by the photobug early on! Keziah attended Buffalo State College for Art Education and minored in Photography. Her work is an effort to reconcile modern urban imagery with the mythological beauty of fairy tales and fantasy. Keziah tries to see the fantastic in all things and record it for others eyes. When she shoots fashion work, she attempts to bring a sense of dreaminess to each image. Although we like her fashion work, we L-O-V-E her At the Foot of Buddha series.

Keziah thinks all art is dreaming and so, we should relish each image as something we could only see if we were asleep. She is working on bringing femininity into imagery, as defined by a female gaze and she thinks women are at their finest when they are in powerful control of their feminine wiles. Keziah ( revels in capturing this glamour.

Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory is a metropolitan DC based full service arts advisory firm whose partners are able to help you navigate the arts world with savvy and finesse. More art is more to love.