Friday, January 25, 2008

Author Paige West's Corcoran Lecture: The Art of Buying Art

Paige West gave a well rounded lecture on the current contemporary art scene both in gallery and on-line last evening at the Corcoran. West's PowerPoint presentation included examples of names on the to-be-watched list as well as a great list of on-line resources for where to purchase inexpensive contemporary original works and prints.

West appeared competently versed in the New York art scene, the growing financial market for art, and her concern for what she termed as a possible impending "art backlash." West cited an example stemming from her many years of collecting. The story centered on the price of original acquisition, the price of West's sales to another party a year later, and the price of that party's auction sale months following. West showed a slide of her husband's pained reaction at the news!

As a new mother of infant twin sons, the author, collector, and gallerist apologized for her lack of vocabulary; any default in that area was compensated by a rich display of exciting and challenging new contemporary works along with a good dose of humor. The lecture series was followed by a small reception and book signing.