Sunday, January 13, 2008

jill banks: place settings opening reception @ the art league

McLean's Jill Banks celebrated the opening reception of her oil paintings on mood and emotion this afternoon at the Torpedo Factory's Art League. The works shown emanate muted warmth, complexity in detail, and they transport one to a simple time. A time when the most important daily decision might have been where and with whom to dine as opposed to which presidential candidate is currently in the lead and where that leaves the condition of our nation.

An unassuming but engaging Ms. Banks should be well pleased with the fairly large turnout and genuinely pointed interest from patrons. Shown above are two pieces from her exhibit "Place Settings" and one portrait being offered on its own merit in an adjacent room. Another nice job for gallery staff in stocking an enticing table of treats; appropriately matched to these works on restaurant atmospheres, interpersonal relationships of diners, and various themes on how dining connects one to the community at large. Jill's framing selection is perfect for this refreshing "take-it-on-face-value" thematic show.