Friday, January 25, 2008

Boeing Selects Third Lange Design for Public Art Competition

The Boeing Company has selected a Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory public art design in the recent Crystal City Celebration of Flight competition. Boeing has a multi-layered history in the Washington, DC area in support of both the U.S. Government and the community at large. Boeing will be participating in the Crystal City Takes Flight public promotion designed to increase awareness of the value of Crystal City as a flight corridor, a tourist destination, a vibrant residential area, and a thriving business district.

Shauna Lee and Alex Lange submitted six designs for the public call to artists. The third winning design in the series is a jet aircraft called "Freedom's Flight." The rough rendering was inspired by an artistic, creative, and inventive vision of the tried and true red, white, and blue American flag. The design takes an outgoing and energetic approach to reorienting the line and position of flag elements so they create an unexpected visual delight. We are thrilled to be able to accept Boeing's sponsorship in this very exciting series of events planned by the Crystal City Business Improvement District.