Saturday, January 26, 2008

Honfleur Gallery's One Year Anniversary Celebration and Retrospective Exhibition

Southeast DC's Honfleur Gallery celebrated their one year anniversary with an exhibition of fine art and culture this evening. The show featured artists such as: Alison Spain; Jonathan French; Justin Couch; Seneca Wells; Renee Woodward; Jonathan Royce; and Darren Smith. Some of the artists are members of the ARCH Artist in Residence Program and thank the gallery staff for their hard work in bringing to light new cultural beginnings and in helping to make the gallery a success.

Tonight's celebration featured a fine buffet table, thoughtful door prizes, open artists studios, and an energetic electric spark in tune with a wonderful jazz trio. Support for the Gallery seems to span age, race, artistic interest, and status. One of the ways we like to measure the health of a gallery is in the culture of open reception to children and youth. Tonight's celebration welcomed a young teen enjoying blackberries, an older teen wearing a "Make Music Not War" t-shirt, and a young man sitting patiently on black leather couches with his guardian. When children are welcomed to explore art, and not kept at arms length from art gallery openings, it makes our world all the richer. Honfleur Gallery invites you to come in and meet the work of artists who are exploring photography, oils, woodworking, stitched canvas, and collage mosaics. Happy Anniversary, Honfleur - may we be with you at year 5, 10, 25, and 50!