Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shauna Lee Lange Wins High-Profile Citywide Public Art Design Competition: Crystal Flight – A Celebration of Art & Air

Shauna Lee and Alex Lange are honored and excited to announce that two of our original public art designs were recently selected as winning entries in the Crystal City Takes Flight Public Art competition.

The competition, initiated by the Crystal City Business Improvement District, is a campaign which drew design concepts from notable national artists. Artists were challenged to create unique images for 50 bi-plane and jet statues measuring 5-feet by 5-feet.

Each plane is sponsored by an area business in an effort to demonstrate collaborative partnerships, to attract visitors, and to link Crystal City’s relationship with flight. Crystal City, in Arlington, Virginia, is central in proximity to the Washington D.C. National Airport; the U.S. Air Force; Boeing; Lockheed Martin; and Northrop Grumman.

One of Shauna Lee Lange’s winning public art designs features worldwide travel destinations. Capitals and major cities are depicted in mock vintage luggage tags and old style cruise liner trunk decals. The intent is to show Crystal City as a true gateway location, international travel destination, and place where people of all hometowns can live and thrive. The “Capital Cities” design will be sponsored by the Crystal Gateway Marriott and Bin 1700.

The winning public art design submitted by Alex Lange depicts a theme centered on “breaking the race barrier.” A model jet statue will be covered by a multitude of faces, old and young, of various races, expressing a range of human emotions. The intent is to show that wherever one goes, people are people and human experiences are commonly shared. This design has been selected by the United States Marine Corps Marathon.

A VIP kick-off celebration is scheduled for January 29, 2008 wherein press, organizers, artists, and corporate sponsors will meet each other to share concepts and visions for this dynamic public art initiative. Once winning flight designs have been completed, the statues will “land” on the streets of Crystal City for all to enjoy in April of 2008.

Promoted as a great series of enjoyable events for families and aviation enthusiasts, the Celebration of Flight includes parades, marathon race events, and other fun and educational public venues geared to enrich the cultural life of the greater Washington community.

Shauna Lee Lange and Alex Lange are Founder and Co-Founder of Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory.