Sunday, March 2, 2008

Certified Collector Development Program

New York's ArtExpo offers art seminars as part of its professional education series. This year, we were pleased with the education in the "Collector Development" series taught by Zella Jackson, author of four books and several publications and founder of the International Art Business Symposium. Jackson is widely recognized as a fine art business development consultant with over 19 years experience in increases of 30 - 200% within 6 - 24 months for client organizations.

Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory is now able to offer our clients (artists, gallerists, collectors, and patrons) the benefit of this education seminar. Clients will gain additional confidence through our certification in attracting, retaining, and developing a fine art collector base. The certification includes skills in the art of selling art, the art of creating collectors, and tips in gallery management.