Monday, March 3, 2008

Mixed-Up Mosaics: Our Top Pick from NY ArtExpo

We walked about five miles transversing New York's ArtExpo and it was easy to determine our top pick for best of show on the very first pass. Without a doubt, the work Mixed-Up Mosaics is doing in translating the ancient art of mosaic in the modern world is exciting, energizing, and just gorgeous. Our pictures don't do NEAR the justice this work deserves.

What makes Mixed-Up Mosaics so promising, is the combination they've derived at matching mosaics, stained glass, and ancient tattoo art through the use of mirror and vibrant glass colors. We're not the only ones who find their work breathtaking; Mixed-Up Mosaics can be found in the Venetian Hotel, Dubai's Atlantis, the Las Vegas Wynn Casino, and a few of your favorite celebrity homes.

Located in the heart of New York City, Mixed-Up Mosaics provides custom glass materials design services and they specialize in restaurant, casino, and residential design. They have the ear of the hottest trends and they're not letting go any time soon! You can create the perfect tile to match your design projects by selecting out of hundreds of beautifully stained glass or sliced volcanic rock colors.

In the commercial markets, they specialize in columns by creating interlocking patterns. Ceramic flooring can be transformed into a masterpiece - the circular foot medallions are just fabulous. Mixed-Up Mosaics can be used for signage, mirror enhancement, and tile work. They can even transform the image of art masterpieces into tables, wall hangings, and glass panels. If you've never seen mosaic fades, your eyes will POP at MUM's hand manufactured work.

In the residential area, kitchens and baths can be designed in contemporary or traditional patterns with amazing backsplashes. The innovation demonstrated by Mixed-Up Mosaics incorporates brushed glass, stripes of varying mosaic size, and standard patterns in wavy adaptations. What makes MUM way cool (or wicked as we used to say in Boston) is their alignment with tattoo arts and micro-mosaic art. You've got to see the work for yourself.