Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Long Island Business News: The Business of Art

Ambrose Clancy, a Long Island Business News Reporter, published Author, and all around Writer-Extraordinaire took a few moments to interview us in connection with our Washington DC arts advisory services. LIBN is planning a story on a program funded by the New York Foundation for the Arts. The programs offer lessons to artists on how to market themselves and their work successfully.

When asked why we thought artists need this type of training, we explained that many artists are self-taught or enter the creative vein later in life. When this is the case, those artists may not have picked up the art world business savvy they need in today's global e-economy. We also noted that many artists struggle with time management skills such as scheduling, planning, completing timely submissions, and organizing their work; all necessary tools to position oneself strategically in the art world.