Saturday, September 6, 2008

Art for Obama with Organizer Bruce McBarnette 9/19/08

Attorney, Real Estate Investor, and Political Organizer Bruce McBarnette returns to Georgetown Friday evening, September 19th from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm for another Art for Obama public reception in the galleries series. McBarnette hopes to gather community and generate contributions to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama.

The galleries, located in the courtyard of 1054 31st Street, are the Alla Rogers Gallery, the Cross Mackenzie Gallery, Legalerie Petite Gallery, MOCA Gallery, and the Parish Gallery, which hosted an Art for Obama reception early in June.

McBarnette said, “I am so pleased that gallery owners have taken the initiative to help this historic campaign. It truly reflects the leadership role that the artistic community is taking toward improving the country.”

Art for Obama is a series of fundraising art receptions that McBarnette, from Sterling, Virginia, has been hosting around the country. Since February, there have been several Art for Obama events in New York City; San Francisco; Maryland; Washington, DC; and Virginia. Early this year, Art for Obama events were held at the Addison/Ripley Gallery and the Phoenix Gallery, both in Georgetown.

To RSVP for the Art for Obama reception or learn about more Art for Obama events, visit or call 877-323-4713. Bruce McBarnette, Esq. Attorney at Law and President of Summit Connection, LLC Real Estate Investing or Myra Maslowsky at (703) 404-8429