Friday, September 26, 2008

collaborating with a painting master

We are so pleased to announce our loosely defined and still developing relationship with master painter, Rob Vander Zee. Rob is a consummate oil painter who also sits at the head of the Vander Zee Gallery, the Vander Zee School of Painting, and the Vander Zee Foundation. His painting students have formed a close and strong allegiance and show an exceptional group promise for the future.

Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory will serve over the next three months, as a volunteer service provider, a professional art advisor, and an innocent observing by-stander. Make no mistake, Rob has an impressive list of accomplishments and an aggressive list of goals. Jointly, all the entities that contribute are busy from dawn to dusk. Watch this site for future announcements of happenings.

Image Credit: Rob Vander Zee, Yellow Earth 1-Z008, oil on panel, 42" x 36", 2006