Friday, September 26, 2008

self-improvement in communications

Self-improvement is not a selfish activity. For artists, it is a necessity. For businesses, it is a critical element for growth. Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory is proud to have completed a 12-week communications seminar sponsored by the United States Health & Human Services. The seminar focused on the different styles of communication between men and women, the expectations we hold, the backgrounds we bring to any interaction, and the value in speaking from both the heart and mind.
In our Washington, DC based firm, we are founded by a woman who's made her career as an analyst and co-founded by a man who has made his as a commercial architect. Both completely different human beings, yet married to each other. Shauna was born and raised in the States - Alex overseas. Alex travels most days within corporate businesses where creative ideas in architecture are valued - Shauna spends hers largely within rigid hierarchal institutions where ideas can be slow moving. She reads art books - he reads biographies. She drives carefully - he not so much (ha).
The value of our differences is what they create as a whole. Our communications challenges need to embrace more diversity, more acceptance, more space and time and forgiveness. When you work with our advisory firm, you get so much more than nuts and bolts and big bills. You get real live people who are growing, and learning, changing and communicating! Stay active in your goals. Reach out and stretch yourselves. Keep yourselves open and try new things. And remember always to give yourself self-care.