Saturday, September 6, 2008

regan vasconcellos - travel photography

Regan Vasconcellos is a multi-talented artist. We especially love her travel photography, even though her ink drawings of ethnic groups are also quite remarkable. The photographs above were taken with a 6.0 mega pixel Sony digital camera while Vasconcellos was on vacation in Rajasthan, India.

Vasconcellos has been creating art since she was a child (her mother was an art teacher). Regan studied Graphic Arts for two years at the US Department of Agriculture. It was such a long time ago, but she can still remember those photography classes which she enjoyed immensely. She decided to take her photography skills to the next level and received a degree in communications with a concentration in film and media criticism from George Mason University.

After college, Vasconcellos decided to do some traveling. She presently lives in South Korea and has been there for two years. Even though she has taken a break from university, she has not taken a break from her art. Now she takes as many photos as she possibly can. In fact, she hardly goes anywhere without a camera of sorts. Vasconcellos now takes the photos and makes copies of them with a paint brush, implementing a marriage of painting and photography.

She enjoys painting greatly. It is a hobby, and one that she would like to turn into a successful career. She's been very successful in South Korea as an artist and has had three exhibitions to date. She has also written three books, two for children. Vasconcellos ( plans to return to the DC area this month to publish her books. Although she has nothing set at the moment for an exhibition in DC, she is looking at The DC Center for the Arts and is planning on doing an exhibit with her ethnic groups ink drawings. View Vasconcellos' other work at