Friday, September 26, 2008

business & professional women of the corcoran celebrate richard avedon

The Business and Professional Women of the Corcoran recently commemorated the launch of Richard Avedon's photography exhibit by hosting a networking/business meeting luncheon. The event was very far removed in style and time from many of the 60's and 70's era works on show by the esteemed late photographer. Having seen the success of the Leibovitz past opening, I expected the same curatorship with Avedon and was not disappointed. Historically, socially, commercially, culturally - it's a fascinating look at the personalities that exist(ed) on our little blue marble.

Attendees from Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory were moved to tears with two photographs in particular, both taken in 1963. The first features a woman standing on the sidewalk holding the newspaper headlines on November 22nd and is completely striking in its shock and show-stopping tone. The second (above), with heartbreaking honesty, was taken March 24, 1963 in Algiers, Louisiana of William Casby, born in slavery and was not printed as gelatin silver print until nearly three decades later. Several photographs of black leaders underscore their importance, rise to power, and mark on humanity. See the show whether you're a history, music, or arts buff to take a walk down memory lane - it'll make you think about our future.