Friday, September 26, 2008

linked-in networking blitz

There's a host of social networking sites available, and the one Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory recommends for professional networking is Linked In. Linked In is resource where one can capture, record, and organize colleague e-mail contact information. The system is simple and easy to use and is based on degrees of separation. I know John, John knows Mary, I want to work with Mary and John is my connector link.

September 2008 has traditionally been a month of re-energizing, re-organizing, and re-focus for the Washington DC based arts advisory. Over 250 contacts were added to our networking circle through Linked In, and believe it or not, well over 1,000 invitations are still awaiting responses.

The arts world is well-known for its word-of-mouth referencing and resourcing. The times, well they are a-changing, and with all this information overload, one simply must get it down in writing somewhere. We encourage artists to consider moving from Facebook or MySpace or any other the other top networking sites and join a social network that's a bit more professional and a bit less social.