Friday, September 26, 2008

meeting mike weber

Mike Weber of Weber Fine Art graciously invited Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory to his working studio and home in Northwest DC to talk about the state of the arts in the mid-Atlantic region, the goals of each art advisory firm, the challenges in being an art consultant, and the possibilities for future collaborative efforts.

Weber consults, installs, frames, rents, and collects a host of local artists' works. He has a casual, hands-on and stress-free consulting process whereby collectors can immediately see and understand their personal vision for their residential or commercial properties. Weber's well connected in the DC arts scene and he's growing his firm to be able to form a quasi artists-design-studio-school-workshop. And he's a regularly featured entity in many fine magazines.

Weber & Lange are considering possible joint ventures for cutting edge, never-before-done, risky exhibition venues with a focus on the Maryland and Virginia markets. The two are hoping to be able to bring excellent works forward by virtue of controversial or thought provoking thematic displays. They are also considering how they can incorporate gallerists, younger aspiring artists, and art enthusiasts to the mix. Watch both these firms as they continue to make a mark in DC's art scene.

Image above: Brooke Fitts (featured photographer available through Weber Fine Art), Capturing the Fair.